Find the Clues...
Solve the Puzzles...
And Escape

At Mystery Escape Rooms, we provide a unique and fun atmosphere for small groups, large groups, and corporations through our amazing team building exercises. Book online or by calling 226-777-7171 now!

We have several options to choose from based on theme, player capacity, length and price. Each room has a different price-point to reflect its length. Want just a taste? Give our 25-minute mini room a try between other activities. Ready for the full experience? Book into one of our premium hour-long adventures.

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Mystery Escape Rooms

Mystery Escape Rooms, London's first and largest escape room company, is adding to the excitement at The Factory. We have 7 rooms, each with different themes and player capacities. Book now to see room descriptions or visit FAQs for more details.

Choose from 7 different escape room themes