Birthday Promotion FAQ's

If you have questions about this promotion, see below for some frequently asked questions.

How does this work? 
If your birthday is in the calendar month, the birthday guest can come in and receive their Factory attraction pass for free! One time pass per guest for the month.
Is there an age limit?
Nope! Whether you are turning 10 or 100, if you birthday is in the calendar month, you get to enjoy The Factory attraction passes for free!

If two people from the same group have a birthday this month, can they both get in?
Yes, they can both get a pass! However, each child only gets one pass per month.

What is included? 
Any of the Factory attraction passes can be used. Not redeemable at The Next Level or the Mystery Escape Room.

Can it be combined with the Birthday Party Packages?
No, the birthday promotion cannot be added to the Birthday Party Packages.

Does it have to be on their birthday or at any time?
You can enjoy The Factory at any time of the month!

Will this promotion be offered every month?
Yes! Starting October 1, 2022, each month, the birthday person will get access to The Factory. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at: or call us at: 226-213-5160


Come to the front desk upon arrival and they’ll get you sorted! This offer is available in-person only, passes cannot be reserved online for this birthday month promotion.