Keeping you safe


When you come to The Factory, we want you to have a great time. We think safety is a huge part of a good experience. On site, we’ll have trained medical staff with our partner Med-On-Site, rules will be highly visible and enforced, our adventure guides will be thoroughly trained for all situations and our state-of-the-art RFID wristband system will help track your child’s location on-site and in real-time.


Located inside 100 Kellogg next to The Factory is our medical partner, Med-On-Site. Their medical staff are trained to the level of paramedics and nurses, specializing in athletic and emergency care. Their knowledge, skills and physician oversight mean they are able to perform any required medical acts in an instant, providing the highest level of care available for the Factory’s guests.


Each adventure guide will go through extensive training on our attractions, becoming experts on the safety equipment and rules. For example, the ropes course involves 40+ hours of practical training to ensure safe management of the adventure.


The Factory has controlled entry meaning that you are only able to enter the facility if you have registered with us. This allows us to monitor who is in the facility at all times.


The wristbands do many things, but one of the most important features is the ability to track the activity of your family. You can be grabbing a coffee and see through your account that your child has checked into the trampoline area or is playing in the arcade. Every scan within The Factory can be tracked, giving you peace of mind of where your child is while providing them some freedom to play.