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Bocce Ball Leagues

10 Weeks - Starting February 1st

10 weeks of bocce play with 8 weeks being score standings, and 2 being our Club House Bocce Team Tournament.

Wednesday League

Starting February 1st

Teams of 2-4

$100 per team

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Leagues FAQ

Booking Info

League Info

League Rules

Booking Info

What leagues will be available and when do they start?

Wednesdays – Starts February 1st, 2023

How do I register for a league?

Step 1- Go to

Step 2- Pick which league you would like to play in

Step 3- Register and pay for the league

Step 4- You will receive a confirmation email with detailed information on the league

How much does the league cost?

Our 10-week leagues cost $100 + HST per team.

What times are available?

League play will run in one-hour time slots from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Wednesdays.


League Info

How long will each round take?

League play will run in one-hour time slots from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Wednesdays.

What if I have never played Bocce Ball before but want to join a league?

We welcome all players and skill levels, whether you are new to the game or an elite player.

League Rules


  1. A match consists of two teams with 2-4 people playing on each team. NOTE: Only players registered to the team are eligible to play. You can register up to four players.
  2. Each match is the best of three games. Each game is up to 15 points.
  3. Each team plays with four balls per team. Both players will roll two balls each from one side of the court behind and no further than the foul line. The balls also must throw 12 inches from the side walls as well.  When all balls are thrown, walk to the other side and roll two balls each again. Each player will roll two balls per frame.
  4. Only registered players will be allowed onto the bocce courts.
  5. If a non-qualified player participates in a league game, the game will be forfeited by the team that had the unqualified player.

No substitutions are permitted once the game has started. Emergency substitutions are at the discretion of the manager or supervisor on duty.


  1. A coin flip starts the match.
  2. The winner will be responsible for rolling the pallino for the first frame.
  3. The person that throws the pallino must throw the first bocce ball to establish an initial point.
  4. The team that scored points in the previous frame will roll the pallino in the next frame.

Rolling and Scoring

  1. Players must have both feet in the court during rolling.
  2. Closest ball(s) of the same colour to the pallino scores one point per ball per frame.
  3. Any bocce ball hitting the backboard without hitting another ball is disqualified and removed from the field of play.
  4. Any bocce ball displaced by a disqualified ball is returned to its original location.
  5. If a bocce ball is hit out of the court, the ball is disqualified for that frame.
  6. If a player rolls a ball out of turn, that ball is disqualified and removed from the field of play.
  7. If a player throws 3 balls in one frame, the ball is disqualified and no point will be allowed for the offending team.
  8. After all balls are thrown, any tie will be declared a draw. Another frame must be thrown (team holding the pallino throws from the opposite end of the court).
  9. When a team reaches the score of 15 and the other team is out of balls, the game is over.


  1. Teams playing will referee their own games.
  2. Winning teams are responsible for all scored to be written on the score sheets.

When measuring all referees must measure from the bottom of the bocce ball at the point the ball touches the ground of the nearest edge of the pallino, NOT to the middle of the pallino.

League Policy & Procedures

  1. To win a forfeit, one team must be present at the courts for what would be two games.
  2. Forfeits will occur 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  3. Special consideration will be given to teams that experience a specific situation that impacts the team and prevents at least two players not able to attend a match during regular season.
  4. Second matches of the night must have two members present by their scheduled starting time regardless of whether the early matches are still in progress or not.
  5. If the early matches are completed before the later match’s scheduled starting time, the late matches may start earlier than scheduled if both teams agree to it.
  6. If a team forfeits five games throughout the course of the season, that team will not be invited back for the following season.
  7. Team rosters must be final before starting the first game of the season.
  8. A player may play on one team only.
  9. All team names are subject to approval by the League Manager.
  10. Cursing of any kind will not be tolerated.
  11. There will be no excessive arguing or abuse permitted for any reason.
  12. Any physical or verbal confrontation of any kind will not be tolerated.

Anyone violating these rules may be suspended or expelled from the league.


  1. League playoffs are based on 8 teams in a single-elimination, best of three tournament.
  2. Only the top 8 teams will make the playoffs.
  3. Third-place or consolation final will take place.
  4. Seeding 1 through 8 will be determined by the highest total net points OR in a tie, a coin flip.