Located inside 100 Kellogg right next to The Factory is our medical partner, Mosaic Medical. Their medical staff are trained to the level of paramedics and nurses, specializing in athletic and emergency care. Their knowledge, skills and physician oversight mean they are able to perform any required medical acts in an instant, providing the highest level of care available for the Factory’s guests.


Each adventure guide must complete extensive training on our attractions, as well as COVID-19 policy becoming experts on the safety equipment, sanitization, physical distancing and specific rules for every attraction. For example, the ropes course involves 40+ hours of practical training to ensure safe management of the adventure.

Persons under the influence of drugs/alcohol are prohibited from participating in any Hero Room attractions – this includes all trampoline attractions, high ropes attractions and warrior courses. If our staff feel that a guest is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we can refuse their right to participate in those attractions.