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General Questions

When is The Factory open?

For the most up to date hours please visit

We will open outside of regular hours for group bookings. Call 226-213-5160 x 3 or email to book.

Where is The Factory located?

We are located at 100 Kellogg Ln. in London, Ontario, N5W 0B4. See us on Google Maps.

Is there free parking?

Yes! We have over 600 spaces available FREE for visitors to The Factory.

What is the "Hero Room"?

The Hero Room is the space that houses our Trampoline Park, High Ropes course, Zipline and Ultimate Warrior course.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have lockers available on-site. Bring your own lock or purchase one for $5.

Can I bring my cell phone on the trampoline or ropes course?

No, cell phones aren’t permitted on the ropes and trampoline areas due to safety reasons. We do have a cell phone storage area to put them in or you can get a locker to store your phone.

Is there supervision?

We have over 20 staff at any time making sure you are safe and having fun, but for groups with children, it is expected that you, as the guardian, are responsible for your group.

Is there Wifi?

Yes, we have free WIFI available for all of our guests.

Is there an area for guardians to watch if they don’t want to participate?

Yes, outside of the trampoline and ropes room, we’ve built a comfy lounge area for our spectators with couches if you want to relax with a beverage. The walls are opened up for easy viewing access. If you need to get work done, we also have workstations available. In the Lil’ Climbers Area, there are also couches and TVs to sit down and relax while your little ones play.

Do you have a nursing station?

Yes! We have private nursing stations located across from the Lil’ Climbers Area. They have change stations and comfortable seating.

When should I arrive before my scheduled attraction?

We recommend arriving at least 15–30 minutes before your scheduled attraction if you are new to The Factory and haven’t signed our waiver online.


What is accessible at The Factory?

The Factory is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all guests visiting and enjoying the attractions offered at The Factory. The building is accessible to all persons with disabilities, and we are dedicated to providing the opportunity to equally enjoy and benefit from the attractions and services that we offer our guests. Because of the nature of some of our attractions and the safety of our guests, there may be some limitations depending on the type of disability. Please see the information outlined below or contact our customer service staff before visiting to answer any of your specialized questions. We are will continue to make improvements to the facility’s accessibility.

What about guests with vision or hearing impairment?

Due to safety concerns, guests with vision loss should have a support worker to help guide them on the high ropes course, ropes lookout, trampoline, and indoor playground. Guests with hearing impairment can participate in all attractions at The Factory, however, we don’t have TTY devices to assist. Our staff are happy to assist.

I have a wheelchair. Is The Factory wheelchair accessible?

The facility is wheelchair accessible with a ramped entrance, elevators, universal washrooms, and accessible food area. The ropes course, trampoline park, and ropes look-out generally require full mobility. Attractions like virtual reality, escape rooms, and arcade can be enjoyed in a wheelchair. The kids’ indoor playground is wheelchair accessible but requires full mobility to participate in the climbing area.

Can I bring a service animal?

Service animals are welcome but won’t be allowed on the ropes and trampoline area.

I am a support worker. Is there a cost for me?

Support workers are free to access and participate at The Factory. Please visit the front desk with ID to get your admission sticker free of charge.

Can I participate with prosthetics?

We will consider on a case by case basis.

Can I participate with a cast or a brace?

Exposed metal braces risk to yourself and others on the trampolines. Generally, we will not allow casts on trampolines, ropes, and in the indoor playground, but we will consider access on a case by case basis.

I have photosensitivity. Will this affect me?

The trampoline area and virtual reality may impact guests with photo-sensitivities. Please be aware before booking these attractions.

Are there accessible washrooms?

We have two universal washrooms available at the front entrance. Six additional accessible restrooms are located inside The Factory.

Are the restaurant and food locations accessible?

The restaurant was designed to provide comfortable seating for all guests. There are wheelchair accessible tables to enjoy our food and drinks.

Are there entrance ramps and gates?

The entrance of The Factory is accessible and includes a ramp on the right side of the front of the building. All access gates inside The Factory are wheelchair accessible.

Where can I park & drop off?

There are a number of accessible parking spots are available for guests with permits in front of the building.

What if I need medical help during my visit?

We offer Mosaic Medical, our emergency medical partner in the building during operating hours to assist with any medical issues that may occur at The Factory. Mosaic Medical is located right inside 100 Kellogg next to The Factory. Their medical staff are trained to the level of paramedics and nurses, specializing in athletic and emergency care. Their knowledge, skills and physician oversight mean they are able to perform any required medical acts in an instant, providing the highest level of care available for the Factory’s guests.

Booking Online & Waivers

Do I have to book in advance or can I just show up?

No, you don’t have to book your visit in advance but it is strongly encouraged so that you can get the timeslot you want for our scheduled activities including the high ropes course, trampoline park, escape rooms, and virtual reality.

What will happen after I purchase an attraction online?

After booking your experience online, you will receive an email notification with your booking code. You will also receive a link to register your account (if you don’t have one already). We also recommend completing your waiver online in advance of your visit to save time. When you show up on the day for your activity, leave a few minutes ahead of time to get your Factory pass at the front desks.

How do I book The Next Level VR or mystery escape rooms?

You can book these directly through The Factory website or at the front desk just like our other attractions. If you call these businesses directly, they can also take bookings.

What if I just want to watch?

Guest who are not participating in any activities are welcome to come in free of charge. All passes purchased for participants under 18 years of age include entry for one parent or guardian.

Do I have to sign the waiver in advance?

Yes, however only those participating in the activities need to sign a waiver. We have an online waiver you can fill out before your visit or we have waiver kiosks at the front gate before you pick up your pass. Note that persons under 18 require a guardian to sign the waiver so filling this out online before your child’s visit with friends or a school group is required.

What if I have a party? Do all people have to sign the waiver separately?

Yes, all people entering The Factory need to sign a waiver. Please send the waiver link in your party invites to make the entry for your party go smoothly. Note for kids and teen parties, waivers must be filled out by a guardian so please get the parents of the party guests to complete before the day of your party. As the host, you cannot sign a waiver for all those under your supervision.

Do I have to sign a waiver if I'm not participating?

We only require those participating on our ropes course, warrior course, trampoline course, lil climbers park, or with Mystery Escape rooms to fill out a waiver. If you are not participating in those activities you do not need to fill a waiver. If you are – fill out the waiver in advance online or use one of our waiver stations located at the entrance. It will only take a few minutes and lasts for a year.

Refunds & Rescheduling

What is your cancellation policy?

For all scheduled activities, you can reschedule your experience up to 30 minutes in person or 2 hours prior to the reservation by calling 226-213-5160. We do not give refunds for our attractions. Instead, you can reschedule your activity for a more convenient time or switch your activity for another at The Factory. For event bookings, you can get a refund if you cancel more than 30 days before your event date.

For event bookings, please call customer service at 226 213-5160, x 3 or email to discuss any changes to your event booking. In the unlikely event that the customers should cancel the event for any reason, the cancellation penalty will be equal to the amount of any agreed food, beverage and activity revenue. It is agreed that the following schedule shall represent the cancellation policy: 30 days or less 100% of the total agreed upon event costs due.

Can I reschedule?

Yes, if you cannot make your scheduled activity, please call 226-213-5160 to reschedule for another time that’s better for you.

Can I switch my activity with another activity?

Yes, no problem. Please call 226-213-5160 to change your booking.

Booking Parties

How do I book a party?

If you have 20 people or less, the quickest way to book and secure your date is through our online booking system. Choose the type of party you’d like from our options and the date and time. Let us know the number of guests that will be participating (if you’ve chosen an activity package) and choose the food you’d like for your party. Once you’ve completed the transaction, your party is booked. We’ll follow up with you two weeks before to confirm numbers and food.

If you need a custom party or have more than 20 people, please contact us directly at 226 213-5160 x 3 or email to help you build your party.

Your booking will not be finalized until you receive an email confirmation from an event staff.

What is the minimum number of people for a party? What's the maximum?

Our children’s birthday parties are based on 8 participants. You are welcome to have less than 8, however the price will remain the same.  Children’s parties have a maximum of 12 guests.

Can I bring my own cake? My own food?

Outside food or drink is not allowed in The Factory but you can enjoy our many food options available in the canteen.

Are there loot bags available? What about balloons?

No, we do not have loot bags or decorations at this time. Feel free to bring your own to make the day special.

Are the party rooms licensed?

Yes! We have a fully licensed bar to order from for your party. Please order with your party host.

Corporate Bookings

How do I book my corporate meeting?

Our corporate meeting room is booked by calling 226 213-5160 x 3 or emailing

What is included in my corporate meeting room booking?

Each room is equipped with technology to host your meeting such as a TV, projector, whiteboards, and conferencing capabilities. You have the option to add on breakout rooms for an additional fee to have a more cozy setting for discussions.

Is there food and coffee available to order for my meeting?

Yes, we have a catering menu or an a la carte menu to order from.

What technology is available for us to use?

Meeting rooms are equipped with 55” TV screens with HDMI inputs, or projectors.

Is there wifi available?

Yes. WIFI passwords are posted on our tv screens throughout the facility.

High Ropes & Ziplines

Is there an age restriction for the high ropes?

The High Ropes and Ziplines are available for guests 6 years and older as well as be able to reach 68 inches high.

Is there a weight restriction for the high ropes?

Yes, for safety reasons, the high ropes are restricted for those above 275 lbs.

I'm in a wheelchair, can I go on the ropes course?

Due to safety reasons, the high ropes course is not an accessible activity. We do have many other activities available like arcade, virtual reality, and escape rooms.

Are the high ropes safe?

Keeping you and your family having fun in a safe environment is our primary focus. We have staff on the ropes course one each level to help you out with obstacles, the zip line, and the drops. These staff members have over 50 hours of training and are experts in our safety gear and rescue procedures. We also have Mosaic Medical next door if required. The supervisors are trained at high ropes rescue to get you safely to the platform or ground.

What do I need to wear?

You need to have closed-toed athletic shoes. No flip-flops, sandals, or other loose shoes. You should wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy mobility.


Is there an age restriction for the trampoline?

The trampoline park is available for guests 6 years and older.

Is there a weight restriction for the trampoline?

Yes, people weighing greater than 275lbs may risk their safety and the safety of others if participating on the trampoline.

Do I have to wear trampoline socks?

Yes, you must wear non-slip socks. They are included in your trampoline attraction purchase and you can bring them home!

Lil' Climbers - Kids' indoor playground

What ages are allowed in the Lil' Climbers area?

Kids between the ages of 1–6 are able to play in the indoor playground. We have a separate infant area with small slides and soft toys.

Are socks required to play?

Yes, socks are required for the indoor playground. If your child doesn’t have socks, they can purchase trampoline socks in the swag shop or front desk.

Is there a spot for parents to watch?

Yes, we have a comfortable parent lounge along the wall of the playground with couches, tables, charging stations, and wifi. Inside the climbing structure, there will be cameras broadcasting your child inside to TVs in the lounge so you can comfortably watch your child from the sidelines.

Can I bring my infant's food or bottle inside?

Yes, although we have a no food or drink policy for our facility, we understand that for infants you may require a bottle or baby food to keep them content and ready to play.

Virtual Reality

Can I wear eyeglasses?

Yes, our headsets will fit over prescription glasses so you can see clearly in-game.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our 9×9 pods are spacious enough that people who use wheelchairs can experience virtual reality in a fully accessible space.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, we recommend that children be 8 years of age and up to play virtual reality.

I'm worried about hygiene, are the headsets clean?

Yes, the headsets are wiped down and sterilized between each customer. We also offer free sanitary masks to wear underneath the headsets if there are still concerns.

Can I bring in snacks or drinks?

No outside food or drinks are allowed inside The Next Level (some parties eg. corporate bookings may be exempt from this rule by request).

Are there any risks involved?

You may experience some slight motion sickness or dizziness when playing certain games – in this event, simply remove the headset for a moment to regain your composure.

How early should I arrive prior to my scheduled time?

We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled session, especially if it’s your first time trying virtual reality. This allows time to sign the waiver, check-in at the front desk, get your Factory pass, and get familiar with VR before playing.

Food and drink

Can I bring food into the facility?

No, outside food and drink are not permitted into The Factory, but we do have plenty of great options available for purchase. For special circumstances please speak with your party coordinator.

What is there to eat at The Factory?

There are many food options available! Please visit for our up to date menu and food selections.

Do the food areas accept cash/credit or passes only?

Cash, credit and debit are accepted.